Use your USB Flash Drives As A RAM

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Use your USB Flash Drives As A RAM

Post  Admin on Fri Sep 10, 2010 11:35 am

How To Use USB Flash Drives As A RAM

You might be probably searching for such software that can convert your 4 GB USB flash drive to usable RAM. I am going to guide you through the steps and tools that will be using your USB storage as a RAM. Though windows supports virtual paging file which uses your hard disk as a temporary RAM. But if you are working on notebook with lower RAM then Virtual RAM will boost up the Hard Disk usage. Finally dropping your battery life.
Therefore, using your USB storage device as RAM can be one of the best alternative for your real RAM.
First of all, you’ll need to download this file, Eboostr (Full Version from the link below ).
Now you’ve one of the above file downloaded to your computer. Install it with default settings.
After installation, it is compulsary to reboot your computer.
Insert your USB flash drive first then open eBoostr from start menu.
In the program window, go to Edit > Add new cache device

You’ll see your USB disk at the left screen. Select it and click ok.

Then start caching the memory in your USB drive.
Alternatively, you can also click on Autoconfiguration button. Program will diagnose your system. After the diagnose is ended, click next. Choose all the recommended option to increase your system performanceand click Next.

Now program will start to cache your memory. You may feel some difference in your windows performance.

This software requires USB device more than 256 MB.
It stores the current memory as a cache in your USB device. Eboostr stores cache of your frequently used applications on your USB Flash drive. It will help to reduce the Hard Disk access which is comparatively slower as compared to access in chips. Since hard disk requiers motor to rotate the disks, it will also consume a lot of your battery.



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